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      Cell phone:15001993228

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      Shanghai Zanli Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful international metropolis --- Shanghai. It is a collection of research and development, manufacturing, sales of various types of sewage pump control cabinets, fire pump control cabinets, voltage regulator pump control cabinets and other products for One of the high-tech innovative technology companies. Taking technology innovation as the foundation and product quality as the core, it is a policy of praising the technological development strategy of Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company invests heavily in innovation and new product research and development each year, gaining the approval of customers through reliable quality and performance. Adhere to the "quality first, users first, the credibility of the first" purpose, in the "from the community and serve the community" principle to provide customers with more reliable product system solutions and improve services. Praise will always lead you with technology and work together to create a beautiful blueprint.

      Contact us

      Shanghai Zanli Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.



      E-mail: 362104063@qq.com

      Add:Room 2073, Building 2, 883-885 Pinggang Road, Siqun Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

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