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      Frequency Control Cabinet Equipment Overview

      發布日期:[2018-03-30]     點擊率:

      Frequency Control Cabinet Equipment Overview

      The frequency conversion control cabinet is the technical personnel's advanced experience in fully absorbing domestic and foreign water pump control. After many years of production and application, and constantly improving and optimizing, it is carefully designed and manufactured.

      The frequency conversion control cabinet products have overload protection, short circuit, phase loss protection and leakage of the pump body, motor over-temperature and leakage protection and a variety of protection functions and complete status display, and have a single pump and multi-pump control operating mode, a variety of active and standby pump switching Ways and various starting methods. It can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various types of construction of water supply, drainage, fire control, spray pipe network pressurization and HVAC hot and cold water circulation and other occasions of automatic control.

      The frequency conversion control cabinet has good quality, beautiful and durable appearance, convenient installation and operation, and it is a safe and reliable partner for all types of pumps.

      Typical applications: constant pressure water supply, air compressors, fan pumps, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery, etc.

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