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      Sewage Pump Selection Note

      發布日期:[2018-03-30]     點擊率:

      1. Find out the environment in which the pump is used and select the correct pump type (usually wet and dry)

      2. Calculate the required lift of the pump. Sometimes it is wrong to run into the lift when the customer touches the flat ground transport distance. This is wrong. After the flat ground transport distance is multiplied by the friction coefficient, the lift can be calculated.

      3, pipe elbow wear, pipe friction, etc. must be counted, the actual situation in these are different, to calculate the accuracy is also quite troublesome, it is recommended to leave some space to ensure that the pump can play water.

      4, if you choose stainless steel sewage pump, but also to understand the pH of water quality, including particle diameter, choose the right stainless steel material. The general 304 material is suitable for PH4~10, it is recommended to use 316 or 316L stainless steel.

      5, the pump must be used within the rated head range to ensure that the motor is not overloaded.

      For example, the actual head required is 30 meters, but pumping with a pump with a standard head of less than 30 meters is a wrong method of use and can cause motor overload. In severe cases, the motor will be burned out.

      6, the pump pipe must be dredged, if the pipeline does not pass the same will cause the motor overload, in severe cases will burn out the motor.

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